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Inspire Learning is an award-winning Irish business that provides options for
international students who wish to come to Ireland to study, intern or teach. Located in
the west of Ireland, Inspire Learning has close ties with Irish universities, national
schools and businesses. We have been helping students find their dream Irish program
for over 13 years.

Why intern with Inspire Learning

  • Real-world experience

    Land an internship in your chosen that makes your resume shine. Gain the skills that match the needs of employers in all industries.

  • Broadened Horizons

    Make lasting international friendships, see what it means to travel and experience a world-leading city. Become a global citizen!

  • Improved Skillset

    Convert your theoretical knowledge into workplace dexterity with a slice of professional life and career-enhancing courses and training.

  • Career Readiness

    Realize your career direction and earn the hard and soft skills that the world’s leading companies notice.

We are Career Express helping you with Your Global Career Readiness

What sets us apart is our personal approach to student programs – we believe that
successful partnerships are relationship based.

Our programs are person-centred and we work to ensure that your needs and
requirements are our core focus.

Our individual focus and customer care assures we work well with everyone from our
students, university representatives, school principals, host organizations and
accommodation providers.


  • Visas & Emmigration

    We provide international students and

    young professionals with professional

    advice on visa matters relating to study,

    internship and career opportunities in

    the US and Ireland.

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  • Host Organizations

    We place interns throughout Ireland all

    year round; we work closely with our

    international partners to provide

    experienced, qualified and eager

    university students to organizations of

    all disciplines.

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  • Intern in USA

    Interning in the US will not only provide

    you with business opportunities and

    connections, it is also a fantastic place

    to live. America caters for every

    personality and interest.

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I am currently living in Berkeley, CA and am employed in the company of my dreams, I can honestly say that none of this would have happened without the help of Catherine and Louise from Inspire Learning.
Working with Inspire Learning Ireland to obtain my current visa was a significantly smoother process than I expected. Louise and Catherine were a pleasure to work with and always made themselves available for contact when possible. I liked the fact that I was encouraged to ask questions throughout the process regardless of the apparent significance. This set my mind at ease at a time that you are very susceptible to becoming stressed out.

Their support has not waivered since my visa became approved, and I am continuously made aware that they are always there to assist me during my time here in the United States, should I ever require it.
I would have no hesitation in recommending the Inspire Learning and CIPUSA teams to anyone who was seeking advice on visa related procedures, they have made my aspirations a reality and I am now focusing on furthering my career here in the United States.

Absolutely over the moon, can’t believe it! I owe it all to the amazing work from you guys, thank you so much!! I knew from the second I spoke to Louise on the phone that you knew what you were doing and it’s no mystery why you’re success rate is what it is.
This is by far the best visa application experience I’ve ever been through, you made it so easy.

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