Hey there!

So this is a continuation of my previous 2 posts “The 3-page diary of an Intern” parts 1 & 2. In this one, I get into colleagues at work (internal and external) and the life outside the office as an international intern.


Supervisors and Colleagues

Another aspect of my experience I deeply appreciate is my time learning from each individual supervisor I was assigned to. The different tasks I carried out spanned through a few different parts of the company’s team and so I had the chance to interact with the Marketing Manager, HR Administrator, Creative Design Specialist, Business Development manager, Director of Operations, Product Manager, Mobile developer, Corporate Nutritionist and Sports and Fitness Expert.

Working with these colleagues, I was able to see the journey of how the raw data was developed (recipes, diet plans, exercises and fitness plans), packaged and presented through a user-friendly interface that users would be able to access on their mobile application at any point of time at any place.


Dealing with the external

This application was a product we were building for our partner. This of course entailed working closely with another team in another company. It involved making sure that we were constantly on the same page when working on a shared problem. Interactions with an external team taught me more about professional communication and how to tactfully deal with tensions, misunderstandings and deadlines.


A satisfying end

Towards the end of my internship period we had come to the point of releasing our product- the product all of us had put a lot of time and effort into. The satisfaction of reaching that point, however small my role had been, is one of those things that couldn’t be taught in theory or felt through a mere recounting. Knowing that our product – a health and fitness app – would be making a positive impact on its users lives, gave me a different sense of accomplishment. It made me realise that whatever I dedicate my time and energy to, I need to be able to discern the eventual outcome and impact of it. I need to be clear of the purpose so that I can perform and deliver with that purpose in mind.



Over these months I have learned not just about the industry that I’m working in but also the dynamics of working in an office with a team. When the stakes are much higher, responsibility needs to be assumed by everyone and I have learned that if even the smallest role is lagging, it pulls back the entire team.


The decision I made to do this internship in Ireland at a healthcare company was quite different from what I had initially thought I would do. However, the journey I had set myself on proved to be a pleasant surprise. Being an absolute novice in terms of work experience, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to immerse myself into the professional world.

As I prepare to return to Singapore and continue my university course I wonder how this experience has changed me and how it would affect the way I perform at university. Will I revert to my old self or will I maintain the changes to my personality?

While I know, everything I have seen and heard will remain in my memory, there are some capsules of inspiration that I have found I want to grow through the rest of my life. Inspiration to grow myself professionally, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

I want to make the most of this experience and stretch its benefits into my life in the future. I will cherish the relationships I have made during my internship period. I do not know how many of those I will actively try to maintain but I know that they have played roles in shaping my time out here in my independent version of the world.

My exposure to the other side of the world has enlightened me about people, culture and how much more I have to learn as an individual. It helped me to see the bigger picture and evaluate the pros and cons of working in such an environment.

The way I managed my life around work was also something I had to take care of living alone. I could observe how discipline and organisation in life outside work would reflect when you work. So as I return to university and later transition into work life, I hope that I can carry my learnings and apply them. I am grateful for this opportunity and I believe that it has contributed to building my knowledge, character and emotional understanding of the world around me.


I do hope that this little series helped some of you to get an insight into the intern experience. If you do have any questions at all, just drop Inspire Learning a message on Facebook, or reach out through this website. All the best in your search for the perfect opportunity!