Hey there! So this is a continuation of my previous post “The 3 page diary of an intern – part 1”. If you haven’t checked that out, maybe you should do that to get a better picture. Anyway, let’s get into it.


What do we do?

I had spent the first couple of weeks wrapping my head around what exactly the company does and how the company does it. It had grown to become the largest private Chartered Physiotherapy provider in Ireland offering other allied health services.

The company also has a strong presence in the corporate sector, working with existing facility arrangements and wellness teams to improve overall service for the employers and employees.

This mixture of B2C and B2B activity was great exposure to me as I found myself approaching the marketing assignments I was given through these different perspectives.


Facing Realities

I had entered at a crucial stage for the company. This space that I found myself in had its pros and cons. I had the opportunity to observe and learn first-hand how a company like this dealt with such growth and tackled different obstacles in the way.

These obstacles could rise in areas from marketing to HR to business strategy. However, along with this came the noose of time related to delivering on our project and ‘relaxed’ is not a word I would use to describe the process.

Then again, these pressures are what I need to prepare for as I move into the professional world and so that too had proved to be a valuable aspect of my experience.

Humility is also key. There were some tasks that seemed more meaningful than others and so I had to always remember to stay humble and look at the big picture when carrying out assignments that weren’t the most satisfying or exciting.


Dynamics within the Office

My supervisor, the commercial director would call me in for some of the meetings so that I could sit in and soak in everything. While there wasn’t much I could contribute, sitting in for these meetings allowed me to observe the dynamics between the members of the team. I had read a lot about working in teams and of course, also been part of teams in school. But this was on a different level- probably because the stakes were higher.

professional meeting

One of my biggest takeaways I believe, was the way in which I had to deal with my colleagues. Since I had the opportunity to work with a few of them, I could see how each one had their own work style and characteristics. Team synergy is best when everyone is able to adapt to each other.

I could also see how the emotional atmosphere in the workspace could influence the ability to perform efficiently. When employees are understanding and helpful with each other, they feel the need to carry out their work dutifully and out of appreciation for their fellow colleague.

There was a period of time in which I got the chance to dip into the waters of HR and admin. It gave me the chance to understand and feel the role and importance of the customer- beyond the theory which I was familiar with.

Since the system was built around the service our extensive team of physiotherapists, Psychologists and fitness experts provided to our customers, a lot of our admin was focused on catering to both parties’ needs. It was important to accommodate the customers as best as possible without disregarding the convenience of those working with us.


Next week I’ll get into the last part of my experience talking more about colleagues at work and life outside the office as an intern. Cya then!