Hey there!

I’m Isaac and I was an Inspire Learning candidate who was fortunate to have the time of my life with the internship opportunity Inspire Learning managed to secure for me.

I thought it would be nice for me to share my experience with you guys because that was what I was looking for when I first started looking for internship agencies- raw, real experiences of the candidates. So here’s the first of my 3-part experience:

I feel like I should start with the time I started applying for my internships. Being on a student pass in Singapore, I did not have the option of pursuing an internship in the country – It was either go back to my home country (India), or look elsewhere. Being a non-residential Indian, I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of living there for 6 months straight possibly by myself.

The fear of culture shock and the desire for a different kind of exposure drove me to search enthusiastically for other opportunities outside Asia.

Before I knew it, I found myself applying for a visa to Ireland- Inspire Learning had visited my university and I decided to get in touch. They helped to organise interviews with their network of employers. I had managed to secure an offer from a healthcare company based in Dublin with a job description that looked promising.


The healthcare industry was not one that I had in mind- I had been looking towards interning at a marketing agency expecting it to be the best option to learn more about the subject in the real world.

As I thought about it more though, looking through the job description, I realised that regardless of the industry, I would be learning about the art of marketing. At a basic level, what mattered was exposure to the practice. So as far as I was concerned, it was a promising educational experience. However, there was a catch- it was an unpaid internship.

A lot of thought went into it. My father surprisingly did not have a problem with it and suggested that if it seemed like a good learning opportunity, I should consider it an investment rather than a waste of money.

Initially I felt uneasy, but I came around to viewing it as an opportunity to seize. I needed the change and I could imagine how valuable the experience would turn out to be not just for my resume but also in life.  I felt the need to make the most of it and I was determined to use that need as fuel to put in my all.


I had never worked before. In any sort of establishment. So going into this internship, I honestly did not know what to expect other than what my working friends and family had told me.

From the moment I stepped on the plane, I could feel my mind shifting into a different state. A state requiring increased maturity, acceptance of responsibility and a realisation that I had to look out for myself at a higher level than I did before.

The first few days were just me groping around and soaking it all in. It was my first time out of Asia, on the other side of the world. It was my first time living alone. I was definitely throwing myself into the deep end. And I liked it.

Surprisingly, I had little trouble adapting and performing in the new scenario. From the minute I entered the office, my colleagues and supervisors were kind and helpful. As a company they were taking big steps and had just expanded before I entered. They had moved into a bigger office, started hiring at a faster rate and initiated their biggest project yet – a comprehensive health & fitness mobile application.

A conversation with the commercial director made it clear to me that I would be working with colleagues in different areas handled by the commercial team. I was excited for this as I knew I would be getting exposure to all those different parts of the project. I was hungry for information.

To me it looked like a really good place to be in as an intern- a perfect mix of start-up characteristics and established structure.


I guess I’ll stop at that for part 1. I’ll get into what I did at my internship and some realities I had to face next time round. See you then!


In the mean time if you’d like to find out more about what opportunities you’ve got ahead of you, do get in touch!