Dublin City University

Programs available:

  • Autumn or Spring semester
  • Academic year

Program is open to university juniors and seniors

3.0 minimum GPA required

Inspire Learning Fee includes tuition, housing, (3) excursions, Irish mobile phone rental, optional full time 8 week internship* and more.

Courses are available from:

  • HMSAO (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • ECSAO (Engineering and Computing)
  • BSSAO (Business)
  • SHSAO (Science and Health)

4-day orientation on campus

Transcripts issued by DCU

* Supplement of $150/week for accommodation ($1200 for 8 weeks)

About DCU

Dublin City University (DCU) is a young university, initially set up to fulfil the national requirement for a highly-trained workforce with skills in the areas of business, science and electronics, computer technology, communications and languages and as an agent for change in its local community. The first students came through the door in 1980 and the university is now recognized nationally and internationally as a center of academic excellence.

It was awarded university status in 1989 and was considered at the time to be an ‘unconventional’ university. It broke the traditional mold and introduced a number of ideas, which had an enormous impact on the Irish education system. DCU was the first university in Ireland to introduce work placement (INTRA) as part of its degree programs. The aim is for students to put their academic skills into practice in the work environment. Its degree programs were also the first to be interdisciplinary, with, for example, science students taking business courses, business students taking languages and language students taking computing.

The design of the campus and the bright modern architecture make DCU a vibrant and attractive place to study. The campus is laid out to encourage community interaction with the John & Aileen O’Reilly Library at the East end and the restaurant and Helix Arts Center at the West End. It is a place where young people can live, learn and develop in a dynamic but intimate environment. One of the objectives of the university is the strengthening of the campus as a vibrant social and learning environment and the pursuit of a holistic approach to student development.

About Dublin

Dublin (in Irish `Baile Átha Cliath’), is the capital and largest city of Dublin. Medieval, Georgian and modern architecture provide a backdrop to a friendly bustling port where the cosmopolitan and charming meet in a delightful diversity that is Dublin.

Founded as a Viking settlement, the Kingdom of Dublin became Ireland’s principal city following the Norman invasion. The city expanded rapidly from the 17th century and was briefly the second largest city in the British Empire before the Act of Union in 1800. Following the partition of Ireland in 1922, Dublin became the capital of the Irish Free State and later the Republic of Ireland.

Dublin is located on the east coast of Ireland, overlooking Dublin Bay, and is easily accessible by car, train, plane and bus. Dublin City is surrounded by the greater Dublin area or Dublin County where students can find an abundance of picturesque seaside villages, rolling mountains and rural hinterland, all within half an hour of the city centre.

Can’t miss elements of Dublin city include sampling the delicious fare at The Temple Bar Food Market and Howth Market, shopping on Grafton Street and taking a stroll through the gorgeous Phoenix Park (1752 acres!).

A Practical Guide to Ireland

As all applications are reviewed by DCU, students are encouraged to apply early.

Spring start Aug-2017
Autumn start Apr-2018

Language Requirements


    Overall score 6.5 or above and 6.5 in writing and speaking. Other sections scores 6 or above.


    Overall score 580 or above and all sections scores 55 or above.

Fees & Dates

*Includes breakfast, packed lunch and dinner Monday-Friday

Autumn/spring semester (19 weeks)
On campus accommodation $16,000
Shared off-campus accommodation $15,200
Home stay* $16,800
Academic year (38 weeks)
On campus accommodation $29,800
Shared off-campus accommodation $28,700
Home stay* $32,500