Direct Care Professionals Us Based Organisations


We are now accepting CVs in application for Direct Care Professionals (DCPs) with a leading nonprofit behavioral health organization located in Eastern US. You must be an American or Puerto Rican citizen to be hired for this job.

As a Direct Care Professional, you will provide intensive supervision and treatment of the youth, with the goal of teaching them to conduct themselves appropriately in various settings, and to develop skills in adaptive behaviors that will promote healthy functioning. The SRP program recognizes research on successful treatment of juvenile with sexual disorders which recommends a more holistic or whole system of body and mind approach to assessment.

As a DCP, you will be expected to actively assist your assigned clients in the participation, involvement and routine of their individualized program. Examples include but are not limited to: Ensures Individuals are safe, healthy, and living in a clean environment; Assists and supports in the planning, implementation, and documentation of programs designed to meet the social, emotional, physical, and personal needs of Individuals; Assists, supports, and instructs Individuals in self-help skills designed to encourage independence; Accompanies Individuals on community life outings, medical appointments, and other activities, as indicated; Other duties include: meal preparation, room care and personal hygiene.

Job Qualifications:

  • High School diploma or GED. Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, Psychology, Social Work, or Special Education preferred.
  • Previous experience preferred (not required) working with individuals under 21 with psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, and/or autism spectrum disorders.
  • Driver’s license is required

Ideal candidate will be empathetic, a team player, have excellent written and verbal communication skills, energetic, creative, understand the theories of behavior management and positive reinforcement, and represent yourself as a positive role model. Additionally, you must be able to complete required new hire orientation class, have a strong passion for working with and helping children and adolescents with special needs and possess a valid license.

Physical Requirements: Significant amounts of walking, sitting, and standing. Some lifting and/or managing resistance required related to applying physical intervention techniques upwards of 75-100 lbs. or more. Some repetitive wrist/hand movements, normal hearing and vision. Occasional use of computers and office equipment. Occasional driving of organisation’s vehicles for business purposes. Ability to meet 100% mastery of Safe and Positive Approaches.

Work Environment: Regularly works inside areas that are adequately lighted and ventilated. Some fluctuations in temperature. Use of Protective equipment such as latex gloves, facial mask protective eyewear, and gown. Possible exposure to blood-borne pathogens. Some degree of physical involvement in exercise of Safe and Positive Approaches.

Salary: Competitive

Benefits: health insurance, dental insurance, 403(b) matching up to 2%, 3 weeks accommodation for international hires

Email Louise Gibbons ( for further information.