How do I Become a Host?

Inspire Learning welcomes enquiries by families who would like to host an international student in Dublin, Galway or Cork. We offer programs of varying durations, but none are shorter than 8 weeks. The welfare of our program participants is our main concern and we choose our families very carefully. To obtain an application to become a host family for Inspire Learning, please email Louise Gibbons at for an application and detailed guidelines.

All families must follow the criteria outlined below
To be considered for a host family designation for one of our programs, your family must meet the following criteria:

  • Garda vetting of all family members over 16 years of age
  • Adequate living space – ie, ample showers for the household, space in the kitchen for the students to keep food, etc.
  • The house must be kept to a good standard of cleanliness
  • The house must have access to a bus/luas/train route
  • You must agree to have your house and family photographed for use on our website
  • Your house must have high-speed broadband/wifi access for the student(s)

Your Role as a Host

Your role as a host family is to offer international students friendly, safe accommodation throughout the duration of their program. The host family will be expected to collect the student(s) from the airport or arrival location, show them to their placement or study abroad location, give a brief orientation of the local area and familiarise the student(s) with the public transport system.


Other responsibilities of the host family:

  • Provide clean, safe accommodation with at least (1) single bed per student along with necessary furnishings (desk, bedside locker, etc.)
  • Provide unlimited access to communal areas of the house (ie kitchen, sitting room, bathrooms)
  • Make the student(s) feel part of your family; students may be homesick, and staying with a warm and inviting Irish family should reduce this homesick feeling
  • Provide a nutritionally balanced breakfast, packed lunch and dinner 7 days per week
  • Provide two laundry services per week, or access to laundry facilities, depending on family preference