Hey there!

I’m Louise, the woman behind Inspire Learning and I thought it’d be a good idea to introduce myself and my internship agency so that you get an idea of what you’re getting into. We know many of the agencies out there act merely as brokers but Inspire Learning is more than that. We believe in transparency and intimacy with our candidates so here we are.

When I was President of the student’s union at the University of Ulster, I held a position that required and enabled me to tackle the problems of my students at the educational level. It gave me the opportunity to gain a certain kind of insight into the challenges that ambitious and enthusiastic students or graduates like you have to deal with, when it comes to transitioning from university into employment.

That particular issue stuck with me as I completed my term as President and inspired me to do something about it. Based in Northern Ireland, I mustered up my entrepreneurial spirit to start up a career development agency.

With the general unrest in the region at that time, I was determined to do my part supporting students by helping them to secure the right local and international employment opportunities.

students graduating

My educational background being occupational psychology, I used my career development agency as a conduit to offer soft skill training ranging from how to design the right CV for your employer to dressing up for the workplace and integrating into the professional workspace environment.

Soon we began to set up some very good graduate programs for graduates to transition into full time positions in the USA. At this stage I spent a substantial amount of time dealing with visa arrangements and my expertise in this minefield improved steadily.


In 2006, the business was moved back to my beautiful hometown Westport (I’d love to show you around!) since I had to take care of my mother as well. At this point, the agency continued its growth as Inspire Learning. Over the years, we have used our experience, occupational knowledge and professional networks to provide our bright candidates with the perfect internship, educational or teaching opportunities.

We are the professionals in the industry. Unlike the broker agencies out there that sit in the middle and lack a proper understanding of what exactly the intern needs in the workspace, Inspire Learning will stick with you throughout the whole journey. We are more than just a portal- when we take you in as a candidate, we look at you as a whole individual.

There are many people out there with qualifications. The real question is how well an individual can fit into the organisation. We want to get to know your hopes, dreams and aspirations so that we can combine them with our network to offer you the best opportunities.

Inspire Learning is continuing to develop at a faster rate now becoming more specialised with opportunities in the medical and clinical field. We have also teamed up with a number of consultants in the industry. Students can tap into these resources once they sign on whether it be computer skills, language skills, professional etiquette etc. (More info to come!)

We recognize that trends evolve with students every few years and that it is important to change with the students. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to adapt and evolve at that pace. Inspire Learning is growing to be the leader in the field so we hope you take the time to get in touch and see if we’re right for you!